Saturday, July 2, 2011

Don't Eff Up Your Diet Entirely this Weekend!

Hello again! Just want to share a couple of quick yum-may recipes that’ll help you keep the caloric balance in-check this holiday weekend! Enjoy!

First up on the list is the Yogurt Parfait. This is incredibly easy to make and I almost made a second one immediately after devouring the first because it’s so tasty!

-       ¾ cup of low-fat or Greek yogurt (I went with vanilla but hey, go crazy!)
-       Fresh fruit (I used fresh-cut pineapple because I had it in the fridge but I can imagine that any fruit would be just as delicious… or any combination of fruit you like)
-       Granola (I bought a Granola with dried banana flakes in it- ZOMG- I ended eating that by itself later!)

It’s pretty self-explanatory. I put a layer of granola followed by a thick layer of yogurt followed by several slices of pineapple and topped it off with a sprinkling of granola. SO. FLIPPIN’. GOOD. (And quick to make!)
247  calories/serving, give or take a few.

Try this scrumptiousness as a side dish for lunch or as a breakfast entrée.

Cilantro-Avocado Dressing- Surprise, surprise- I LOVED the taste of this healthy salad dressing!

-       Half of a ripe avocado
-       ¾ cup packed fresh cilantro
-       ½ cup of nonfat plain yogurt
-       2 scallions , chopped
-       1 clove of garlic, quartered
-       1 tablespoon of lime juice
-       ½ teaspoon sugar
-       ½ teaspoon of salt

Combine all ingredients in a food processor. DONE.
Top your salad; I used a pre-made bag of mixed greens, added tomatoes, onions, and carrots, threw some watermelon on the side and called it a day but you can get fancier and add black beans and corn which accompany the avocado quite nicely!

Note: Mine came out a little thicker than your typical salad dressing because I used a whole avocado (love ‘em!) but that wasn’t an awful thing. It tastes so fresh!

Last but not least, you knew I wasn’t going to give you some healthy holiday weekend options and leave out a drink! Come ON! The “Red, WHITE, and Blue” Sangria is another quick and easy recipe to whip and an oh-so-refreshing way to cool off this holiday weekend!

-       Any white wine (I used a Pinot Grigio)
-       Sliced strawberries
-       Blueberries
-       3 tablespoons of sugar (ok… not so healthy…)
-       A dash of ginger ale in each glass for some added festiveness, if you so desire!

Combine all of it in a pitcher, chill, and DRANK! Then, EAT all of your wine-infused fruit- Mmmmmmmm……….

Hope you have a chance to try all of these and if not this weekend, soon! 

HAPPY 4th of July!!!!

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