Monday, July 25, 2011

Excuses & FLUFF

Did anybody else nearly die from the high temps we have had over the past week or so all up and down the East coast? I broke a sweat sleeping so you can imagine the enormous mind hurdle it was to convince myself to work out. Even walking or taking the subway to a perfectly air conditioned gym or exercise studio was just too much to ask.

Or was it?

It occurred to me last week, as I stopped off at my neighborhood Starbucks (pulling a heavy suitcase, no less- I was en route to the airport following my caffeine refuel) that I was making excuses solely to not exercise. Obviously, I made it to work, Starbucks, out to party and grab dinners with friends despite these insane temperatures yet I was so quick to write off getting in a good workout! Why is that?

In Texas, where I had the chance to see some of my family and you can bet it was hotter than hell, I admitted to myself that I’ve been weak about working out lately and now I’m determined to get in physical activity. So rest assured, this week, I’ll be movin’ and shakin’ in classes around the City and sharing with you!

In the meantime, enjoy a little interwebz fluff in the form of my beautiful niece and nephews! 

My niece partook in a brief little workout with resistance bands I brought along on my trip... I think she burned more calories than I did....   

My older nephew got in a little cardio on his rocking horse....

                 and my youngest nephew did some somersaults to get his heart-rate up! 

                    So. Jealous. Of their energy levels! 

Also, please share: Besides weather, what are some of the excuses you find yourself coming up with not to work out? I know we all make ‘em so SPILL!

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