Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Little Confession...

Lucky me was able to visit San Juan this past July 4th and I had a FANTASTIC time with my gorgeous (inside and out!) friends!

I also planned to take advantage of my time out there- where I had no work to speak of for three straight days- and get in a unique workout. Along with my very good friend A, I scoured the "Activities" catalogue our hotel sent with our reservation confirmations for THE perfect Caribbean workout for LaFemmeFITalle. Ultimately, we decided that kayaking on the open seas was the one for us!

After enjoying a pina colada (or three), we strapped on our life vests and jumped into a beautiful orange kayak fit for two queens! (Uh, that'd be us....)

I wish I could write how awesome a workout we got in but, truth be told, we simply didn't. We rowed for awhile and DEFINITELY felt the burn in our arms and core (obliques, to be exact) but then we sort of lapsed into a girlfriend catch-up session out there in the peaceful quiet of the beautiful Atlantic.

As you can see, there was less rowing and more floating going on. On my part for sure!

So, here's my confession. I CONSIDERED exaggerating our boating excursion just to keep you all entertained but realized, nobody wins if I do that! While I DO want to keep this blog entertaining, I also want you to be able to trust that everything I write about is true. So no exaggerations here, just a few pictures of me and A splashin' around and me realizing that WHEN I decide to take this kayak routine more seriously next time, it will for sure be a fantastic workout!


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