Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eat Your Fruit & Veggies... Frozen?!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, summer time in the City. I love it. There are street fairs every weekend, parades, beer gardens, and beaches to fill your days and nights. But….

It's. So. HAWT.

I've been in my new place for about three weeks now and I LURV it but there is one drawback that I must admit has been tough to handle: No central air. 

For the first week and a half, I suffered through 90 degree temps with only the slight relief of a fan in my bedroom that my roomie so generously allowed me to borrow. Did I mention I’m on the fourth floor, too? Heat rises, people! Ugh- I slept with my windows open but still occasionally awoke in the middle of the night, sweating. No bueno. Luckily, I bought and installed a window AC unit and all is well again.... at least, in my bedroom. The rest of the apartment remains as hot as ever which is why I was inspired yesterday to create some healthy and COOL snacks to help me bear the tropical climate we are currently enduring in our little abode. 

First up is a combo blueberry/strawberry/low-fat vanilla yogurt/pomegranate juice ice pop. YUM. I doubt I have to convince any of you how delish it is. 

My second concoction may take a little more convincing. I combined tomato juice, mushrooms and carrots to make these iced veggie pops! Again, YUM! (Seriously.) 

Both were super easy to make. I just tossed the ingredients into a blender, poured the mixtures into a popsicle mold I bought for $4.99 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and gave them about eight hours or so to freeze. After trekking home from work today, it was the perfect way to chill out.

                Easy, healthy,  & REFRESHING! 

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