Friday, January 20, 2012

Club H is Kicking My Butt Into High Gear!

Hope you're all well and ready for a great weekend! I am psyched to be back in NYC- I've got the quintessential NYC weekend planned (you know, brunches in the afternoons, dancing all night, shopping and a spa trip with a friend, and sleeping in late!) but I also plan to visit my gym at least a couple times. Everything's about balance plus I've just really missed it while traveling! You may remember that this little blog all started last summer because I was moving from a building with a gym to one without. For awhile, I was just taking various classes around Manhattan and working out outside but I soon learned I prefer a "home base" so to speak to work out on my own. I need a place that I am familiar with, don't have to talk to talk to anyone in and can zone out for a bit, and where I have a routine. I found that fairly easy in a great NOHO gym called Blink Fitness but I know that it sometimes takes a little longer to find that perfect fitness home. 

With her energy and focus, it does not surprise me in the least that my good friend Rachael wanted to find just the right place to work on her health and fitness in 2012.  As you read in her last guest post, "A Detox for the Entrepreneur... Or Just a Super Busy Person Always On the Go!", Rachael first tackled the "nutrition" side of getting healthy and now she's ready to share her experience on the "fitness" aspect of the big picture. La Femme FITalle-ers, please enjoy another helpful blog post from Rachael.

FACT: Living in NYC when you are constantly on the go and you love food + chocolate with your entire heart doesn’t help when you are trying to get your body in shape. 

FACT: My body type is average; my metabolism is okay, and my motivation is poor. I literally keep a carton of rocky road ice cream in the freezer because I always get the craving for it. My husband has really had enough of me whining about my desperate need for chocolate and having to step out into the cold to get me some. I think it’s putting quite the strain on our marriage. ;)

Well, since I can’t kick my love of food and chocolate, and I can’t help that my work requires me to run around the city attending charity events for Lifestyle + Charity Magazine, it was time to face these "facts" and accept that I needed to work out.

So, I joined a gym. But here’s a little bit of history. Every time I join a gym, I am 150% in for about a week... and then I fall off the map. So, I’m paying X amount of dollars each month for no results. Great. I could use that money on clothes, but when I don’t feel good, then I don’t look good in the new clothes that I just bought. 

You know how that goes.

So Body 2.0 in 2012 is all about achieving a healthier and fit lifestyle. To kick it off, I joined Club H. It’s kind of a luxury gym, but so far after 2 weeks, I’m still going. Instead of being the loner that I usually am at the gym, I started taking some classes. What’s great about Club H’s classes is that they are really hard, fun, and you feel results right away. The second great aspect is that the class instructors cater to you; they talk to you during the workout, and they know what you are going through, while they push you. The third thing is that they blast the music. Since I love to dance and I love that high-energy scene, the louder the better because it pumps me up!
Not to be left out, the thing I really LOVE about Club H is its commitment to the community. They support over 30 charities in the NYC area. How's that for mind and body goodness?!

That’s just my experience at Club H, but here are some of the classes that are giving my body results:

SHOCK&AWE: 45 Nonstop minutes of 50% Core, 50% challenging pump. No lightweights allowed! Instructor Courtney Paul leaves no stone unturned when it comes to whipping your body back into shape in this class. Trust me.
Rebounding: An easy to follow, fun, flowing, non-impact (absorbing 80%) of the shock) cardio workout on mini-trampolines.
Kardio Kick: Kick and punch your way to a new physique with this fast paced, high energy class. Combines martial arts, boxing, and cardiovascular training to elevate your heart rate and boost metabolism.
LUNCH HOUR YOGA: Break up your day with a vibrant yoga hour crated to nourish your body & fill up your spirit. All levels.
PURE STRENGTH: Head to toe toning and body sculpting. Get ready to sweat and punish yourself to a stronger you.

Some tips before you go: wear a t-shirt (not a long-sleeved tee), bring Gatorade, and eat a healthy snack - banana, oatmeal, nuts, an egg - you’ll need it.

You can chat with me on Facebook ( or Twitter (@Rach_Lechliter) for what I went through during the class. Some of it is quite hilarious. I leave you with #StrongerThanYesterday

“Socialize with those that make your heart sing.”
Rachael Lechliter
Co-Founder + Creative Director
Lifestyle + Charity Magazine

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