Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reality Check

I think I'm getting old. 

But lemmie start at the beginning. I remember when I was little, riding on the multi-colored merry go-round for hours at a time at Gonzales Park in Jacksonville Beach, FL and training myself to not get dizzy like the other kids (I was a bit competitive). My friends and I would take turns jumping of the swings and measuring who went the farthest and I even broke my arm once after rollerblading down a "bumpy" slide; I actually did it twice successfully before taking my monster fall. Not my shining moment but I did look pretty snazzy in my hot pink cast and, better yet, my BFF (... at the time) had one of her own from falling off her bike two weeks later. But I digress.

I'm getting old. I've come to this conclusion after taking a Trampoline Yoga class a few days ago. Now, don't get too excited because, so far in the class, the trampoline has not come into play much. What dominated the one-hour class I took at Shen Tao Studio in Midtown was stretching. All different ways- forwards, backwards, to the side, this way, that way, faster, slower... At FIRST it was relaxing but soon, I realized I was becoming nauseated every time I reversed the direction of my stretch.

... Seriously?

When did I get so frickin' sensitive?! Of course, I bought a five class package so I have to go back. In this case, though, it's not just about the money I've already spent...
Pictured are the trampolines we moved around on and the stretching contraptions that made me feel so sick. Ugh.

I don't know if this is a quarter-life crisis thing (I am 26) or if I'm imagining it but I refuse to go down without a fight. If it's mind over matter, I will flip and stretch and twist until it becomes natural because I whole-heartedly believe you're only as old as you feel! Besides, my teacher (whose name I forget but was incredibly nice as was the owner) told me it was normal for adults to feel how I did and that with just a little more practice, it'd be no big deal anymore.

So commiserate with me, please! What types of activities did you do as a kid and find, as an adult, don't come to you so easily anymore? Do you feel like fighting it or is it just one of those things you accept?

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