Sunday, October 9, 2011

WANTED: Fabulous Gym!

 Hey everyone!

Just a quick post for you today. Despite the AMAZING weather we've been having here in the City for the past few days, I'm well aware that it is going to very cold very soon and having a gym to resort to will be necessary as my runs and workouts outside stop looking so dang appealing. So I find myself pondering what is the most important thing to me when committing to a gym (ahem, and a monthly fee!)

Gym memberships in Manhattan can become astronomical in price and that's just for the barebones minimum. Toss in private trainers and classes at some of the elite gyms and it's more than many pay for rent in some cities! I'm not interested in that. Here's the top three most important aspects when I look for a gym to join:

K, let's just start out here. As I said, gym memberships can be crazy high here. Perhaps it's worth the money for some because the high cost incentivizes them to use the gym or they really need a posh place to get their sweat on or maybe their company includes a discounted price for membership to a swanky place (I'm so jealous. There, I said it.). Me? I'm a pretty simple gal (and a freelancer so no company discount to speak of! Wah.). As long as my gym is a safe, well- maintained environment, I'm happy. $100 is the absolute most I'd pay for a gym membership.

It has to be convenient for me to go. Again, when the weather is freezing, it's a feat to leave the apartment for anything other than what's totally necessary. I need a gym that is close by, leaving no room whatsoever to justify not going. (Gosh, I'm already grieving the gym I had IN my building last year... Sigh.) Luckily, there is no shortage of gyms in NYC so this aspect is easily covered!

This is definitely a new phenomenon for me. I never was a "class" type before. In fact, I think that's one reason I'm having so much fun with LaFemmeFITalle- Trying out new classes is totally outside the box for me and I've learned that I actually have a lot of fun! I still love zoning out on my own, too, but I want to know that whichever gym I go with has plenty of options for those days when I'm feeling a bit more sociable.

So what do you think? Have I covered all of the bases? What do YOU look for when considering joining a gym?                                                                                                 



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