Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Quick FAST Update

I wanted to fill you in on how my fasting experience went!

If you remember, I started fasting on Saturday night and was planning to do it until late Tuesday night. Operative words: “Planning to”. I did not last…. But probably not for the reason you think!
Most would probably think I broke fast because I was hungry. Not true! I swear, I never was starving even up until the moment I had my first bite of food.  I broke fast because I found it virtually impossible to do anything with friends that did not involve ingesting food and drink. For the record, I made it until Monday night, around 11 PM (so approximately 53 hours total and 24 hours short of my plan).
Here’s a list of what I found to be the most difficult:
 - The socialization aspect or, really, lack thereof. Since I usually meet up with friends for lunch, dinner, or drinks, this whole juicing thing put a bit of a damper on my social life.
The smell of food. Oh man! Having a roomie who was not juice fasting with me (this time) and who cooks at home occasionally made this tough. On Sunday afternoon, before I even walked into my apartment, I could smell the pizza she was making from the hall. Sweet, garlicky goodness…. Sigh. Oh yeah, and living in NYC surrounded by amazing restaurants, in a word, SUCKED.
It’s a labor intensive. Or, maybe it just feels that way. Vegetables (particularly leafy greens) do not go far when juiced. I felt like I was always headed out to stock up on more veggies. Then again, maybe it’s just because I needed them fresh. I think I spent a little under $40 total, which is actually much less than I’d spend if I had eaten out as much as I usually do in the same time frame but made trips to the grocer/market every day.
-  Having to explain my fast and my reasons for fasting. Again and again and again. No, for the upteenth time, I’m not trying to lose weight!  I started referring people here and avoiding convo altogether- Lol…

Physically, I felt really great! I worked out and went about my daily routine just fine. Except for the social aspect, which is obviously the most difficult for me, I could have done this for much longer I think!
The jolt of nutrients I shot back each “meal” could literally be felt in mere minutes! I felt so energized and light on my feet. I could see myself fasting for three-five days once a month easily. Even today, after having been eating “normal” for the past 24 hours, there is still a difference I can feel in my body. And it feels good!
As I pointed out, the toughest part for me was the socializing aspect. When (yes when, not if) I do this again, I’ll have to plan ahead and do it during a span of days when I know I won’t be going out much… Going on a solo vacay somewhere relaxing where I could incorporate lots of yoga and meditation while doing this actually sounds like a great idea to me (though I’d have a hard time packing my juicer…)

So tell me, is fasting something you’d ever give a try? Why or why not? 


  1. Yeah,I love to fast! Its a great way to detox your body every once in awhile. There are numerous fasting plans/diets and depending on the individual, some work better than others. But yeah, fasting for a couple days a month is actually really good for the body =)

  2. @Smash: WHat do you find difficult about fasting? Also, do you notice how heightened your sense of smell was?! That's something I meant to mention- It was crazy!