Monday, August 1, 2011

Do You Blink?

I Blinked this week and it felt AMAZING!

Mind you, I gave up my gym over a month ago and it’s tough to go cold turkey, am I right or am I right?

So WTH am I talking about with this “blink” talk? Lemmie explain:

Blink is a newish gym located in NoHo, Paramus, and Yonkers. The message they declare is that everyone deserves to work out because, like blinking, it is only natural. Their super affordable rates ($20/month) allow even the most broke to work up a sweat within the confines of a clean, spacious gym with great equipment!

I was so excited to get started on my workout routine for the first time in months (seriously felt like I was on my way to visit with an old friend) as I walked the five or so blocks from my apartment to Blink. Before I could hop on the treadmill, however, I made a quick stop by the front desk to sign up for the month. I was using a Groupon deal I’d bought in July so my first month’s dues were just 10 bucks! Sweet. The attendants at the front desk were not only efficient but also incredibly friendly and cleared me to use their gym in a few short minutes. 

I took a look around the large, open room and saw that most of the free weights and machines are located on the left side of the gym and most of the cardio equipment is located on the right. I made a quick pit stop in the women’s locker room (Note to Self: Bring a lock next time!) and headed out to one of the many rows of treadmills. The treadmills, like the rest of Blink, are new models and equipped to allow you to plug in your headphones to watch tv (there are about 15 tvs hanging from the ceiling) or to hook your iPod up. I picked one closest to the window because I wanted a bird’s eye view of the street (Blink is on the second floor of the building) as I clocked my miles (…. Ok, my 1.5 mile…).

Following my run, I jumped on an elliptical and continued my cardio conditioning for another 20 minutes. By then, glistening and loving it, I was ready for the weights! Blink has a TON of weight machines, all obviously well-maintained. I tried out the thigh abductor machines and then grabbed a couple of free weights to work on my arms. Then it was time for (drumroll, please……..) my core session! You KNOW how obsessed I am. Unfortunately for me, a gym employee was mopping the padded area designated for floor workouts so I had to wait a bit before I could begin (I’m glad they keep it so clean, though!) The gym offers plenty of exercise balls so I grabbed one and got started on my 30 minutes of ab bliss (I know- I’m a weirdo for loving it). You know what’s funny? Despite all of the classes I’ve taken and physical activity I’ve been doing lately, after completing my own ab routine on the exercise ball, I could DEFINITELY feel myself working muscles I guess I’ve been missing. This led me to purchase my own exercise ball for my apartment on the way home.


Would I do it again? Yep, after finishing up my workout and stretching all my muscles out, I left Blink one happy camper. I have my one-month membership and at $20/month, who wouldn’t sign up?

PROS: Obviously, the price. Also, for me, the location works. It’s right at Broadway and West 4th. The facilities are nice and the employees are even nicer.

CONS: The gym is a bare-bones gym; there are no classes offered and I didn’t notice personal trainers standing around (though, again, the staff was super helpful and friendly).
I also have a sneaking suspicion that, due to the affordability, this place gets PACKED during peak hours (weekends & before and after work). I’m not the most patient person so I don’t think it’d work for me if I couldn’t go during non-peak hours.

I’d definitely recommend this place to most people who need little to no guidance when working out. 
                                      Hey, maybe I’ll see you around!

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